Modification & Repair

{steel never dies}

  There are many types of repair or modification you may want for your frame or fork.  Keep your frame on the road with repair or expand what your frame can do for you with frame modifications. See a complete list of options and prices here: Price List PDF

More on Repair and Modification-

Steel is a wonderful material.  One of its characteristics is its dynamic strength.  In competitions, cross-country tours, and daily commuting your frame endures countless strains and impacts that it more or less absorbs, distributes, and mitigates.  Aside from being flexible and strong, steel is also extremely repairable.   When all those stresses finally overcome some part of your frame, it's time for frame repair, not the scrap heap.  I’ll not only fix whatever has failed; we'll leave it stronger than before.

The same characteristics that make steel frames repairable make them very modifiable; you can add modern touches to old frames to increase utility and to help your frame accept modern component systems with greater ease.  Wish you could securely install a luggage rack?  On many frames all the braze-ons needed can be added you your frame for less than $100.  Cantilever studs, water bottle bosses, rack and fender eyelets, and modern cable guides and stops are all common modifications that can add huge breadth to what your frame can do.

Plenty of repair services overlap with modification options, so I keep all the prices in one place on the price list linked above.    Questions?   Give me a call or shoot me an email.





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