Master Price List

{Prices for Frames, Forks, Repair & Modification Services}


**Note-There is some information on how this pricing works below the price list, if your have never had a frame repaired before this information might be helpful!



Framesets, built to order or stock specialty frames (frame and fork, includes single color powdercoat or wetcoat, price will vary slightly between these two paint options)



→ These prices are guidelines/ranges. There are limits to how cheaply I will spec a tube-set, but not limits to how high a quality we can build with. “Road” and “Tour” category are really similar in pricing range, and can differ based on intended use, lugs chosen, and options. I made the tour range go a bit higher to take into account internal dynamo wiring, wider tire clearance requiring additional design, more braze ons, and more fun and fuss in general. Of course, depending on how high your dreams soar, we may go beyond the ranges below. I am happy to use stock production forks of high quality, and we can reduce the cost accordingly. In the other direction, of course, these prices are not a ceiling; if you dream of ornately custom carved lugs, the finest steel known to cycling, and accents of polished stainless steel, the price will rise accordingly, but let's do it!!


The Relentless frame set; one of models, is great for commuting year round, trail riding, or touring beyond paved roads.

Track: 1100-1500

Strict Road: 1700-2000

Tour/All-Terrian/Cross: 1700-2500




braze-on removal - 15

'Split Top' housing stop – 25

misc cable housing guides – 25

waterbottle bosses(pair) – 25

waterbottle bosses with reinforcement – 35

threaded 'thru-tube' boss (like water bottle, but single) - 15

Rack mounts(spool style), pair, stays or fork- 40

Eyelets (fender, light mount, etc) - 15

Shifter bosses, pair – 40

Cantilever Studs, pair – 65

Centerpull Studs/Bosses, pair - 85

Threaded STI housing stop, pair – 55

Housing Stop with 5mm barrel adjuster - 45

Cantilever/Centerpull rear cable hanger – 35

Cantilever/Centerpull rear cable hanger, heavy duty with 5mm barrel adjuster - 60

Spoke Carrier – 45

General braze on labor – 15 per item, +/- charge if there is additional prep needed beyond eyelet level.


Main Frame Repair/Structural Frame Repair

These are all replacement repairs. Since appropriate replacement parts will vary widely, these prices are for the labor only. Frame tubes typically range from $25-$75 for the tube itself.


Dropouts, pair – 110

Dropouts, single – 70

Install Chainstay Bridge – 65

Install Seatstay Bridge – 65

Remove Chainstay/Seatstay Bridge – 20

Seatstay (single, with bridge) – 140

Chainstay (single, with bridge) – 140

Steerer Tube (only done on certain fork crown models) – 135

Head Tube, Down Tube, or Top Tube – 175

Bottom Bracket Shell – 180

Bottom Bracket Shell thread repair/replacement – 45-100

Small 'ding' filling – 15-25 per.

Miscellaneous Frame Service

Frame Prep-

-Bottom Bracket Shell thread chasing/cleaning/tapping(with no real repair needed) – 25

-Bottom Bracket Shell Facing - 35

-Head Tube Reaming/Facing – 30

-Reaming SeatTube – 30

-Crown Race cutting – 30

-Steerer Thread cutting – 5 per cm.

-Misc braze-on/eyelet thread chasing – 3 per.

-'Frame Save' frame & fork – 40



-Fork- 40

-Respace & Align rear triangle – 30

-Check & Properly Align Frame – 40

-Full Frameset Alignment (frame & Fork) – 70


Important, Please Read!

→ braze-on pricing includes parts as long as we use my stocked part. I am happy to use another specified specialty braze-on of a style of your choosing, but there may be an additional part charge and the turnaround time on your frame repair/modification may be extended slightly. Uniqueness is great!


→ There is a charge to disassemble complete bikes and/or remove component systems for doing frame repair on a complete bike. I.e, to repair a braze-on at the bottom bracket shell the bottom bracket, crankset, and cable routing in the are needs to be removed. If the frame is without parts, this is not an issue. If there are parts that I need to remove (and subsequently reinstall) there is a $15-$35 fee. (Great time to get a new bb installed, or to have your cables replaced!)


Repair & Modification Information

To me, repair has two main categories: repairing damaged braze-ons vs repairing damaged tubes. Damaged braze-ons are usually not structural; repairing a damaged cable housing guide consists of removing the old part and reattaching a new replacement. In this area there is lots of crossover with modification(modification just tends to be something you decide you want, rather than something you need to do!)

The second category, tube replacement, is a structural repair. Small dents in tubes can be filled with silver and filled smooth, but most dented, creased, cracked, bent, or otherwise compromised frame tubes need to be removed and replaced completely. The prices below are as close and all-encompassing as I could get; frames are diverse in their setup and design. Repair methods, options, and cost can differ.

All repair and modification requires in-person inspection for the final quote, especially for tube replacement. Generally for braze on work the pricing is within 5-10 of the price listed on this page. Many of these braze ons function in pairs, but since repair is often only needed for one, pricing is for singles. (I think we can all handle the math). If it is pair pricing it will say so. All brazing is done with high quality, low temperature, U.S. made nickel silver unless needed for special circumstance.