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       Commuters, tourers, messengers & delivery riders, recreational riders, and racers of all sorts can benefit from riding a bicycle frame that truly fits their unique body dimensions, flexibility, and riding style.  Many of us make do for years on bikes that do not really fit our bodies or our riding needs.  -- Cue the black and white infomercial clip of struggling civilian --  If this feels like you, it's time to start thinking about a custom frame.

Every Prairie Crow frameset is made right here at our shop in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. We use top quality Missouri-made TrueTemper steel bicycle tubing, or, if requested, we have many never-assembled vintage tubesets available from Reynolds, Ishiwata, Columbus, and more. The same goes for our lugs and fork crowns; we stock American-made investment cast lugs, crowns, and dropouts, as well as high quality and hard to find vintage options for riders looking for specific look.

       Our lugged framesets are silver brazed to preserve the intended characteristics of high quality heat treated steel tubing. Fillet brazed frame construction is also available for a unique look and frames requiring 'extra' unique geometry. Great care is taken to create a frame that fits your physical body and your style of riding, and an aesthetic that will make you love to look down at your machine as you ride (not for too long, though; eyes on the road!!)

       We can design your frame around an existing production fork you want to use, or we can design a custom fork to blend seamlessly in form and function with the main frame. We are also happy to build lone replacement forks for existing bicycles; having a replacement fork with proper handling geometry for its frame makes a world of difference! 

       If you are thinking about a custom frame set from Prairie Crow (or from any shop, for that matter!), shoot me an email or give me a call.  I'd love to answer any questions you might have, to help you understand what we do here and why, and how it relates to your future dream machine.

Ride on.

- Alex Heegaard-LeGros, builder, owner, and floor sweeper

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