Hey Stranger!

My name is Alex, and I'm the owner and builder behind Prairie Crow Bikeworks.  I'm also the floor sweeper, HR directer, head of R&D, and head of the team-spirit/moral/company picnic committee.  I try not to let it go to my head. 

I've ridden bikes since I was a kid.  I started commuting by bicycle through the winter in 9th grade.  I started wrenching in a used bike shop a year later, and never stopped.   There's more about my path to framebulding on the blog, if you've really got time to kill. (see contact page)

So I've had the bike bug for a while.  I love to work on them, design them, ride them, and look at them as art.  Perhaps most of all, I love what bikes do for our lives.  Beyond fun, fitness, transportation, beyond all the singular benefits that bring us initially to biking, bicycles generally expand our potential experience of the world. 

-They are simultaneously affordable compared to cars allowing us to work less and/or spend money on other things, they increase our mobility while also offering greater interaction with the immediate world and it's inhabitants as we move through it. 

-They make us healthier not just by providing us exercise, but by putting us out the ever changing world and weather, making us healthy in body and mind. 

-Bicycles are a community builder; commuting by bicycle or participating in a race makes you part of something; becoming an active participator in rides, advocacy, public workspaces, and the blossoming bicycle 'scenes' in cities can't help but bring a person into contact with people who will enrich their lives.  Traveling through the world on a bicycle allows us (or forces us!) to meet and greet and interact with people every day. 

-As a force for equity and equality, the DIY aspect of bicycles, their relative accessibility, as well their unregulated nature as transportation (especially when compared to cars), is rivaled perhaps only by the foot.

        Bicycles, like all things i guess, never just accomplish one thing; unique to bicycles perhaps is the overwhelming number of nuanced positive results of having a bicycle be part of our lives.  Bicycles don't just get us there; they expand us , our possibilities as people.


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